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You WON’T find another filly like this on the west coast… you’d have to look pretty far to find another one like her. PS Katie Shines (NRHA, NRBC) is a Beautiful 2 year old 14.3H, short backed, huge boned, quiet, beautiful moving athletic, great leaded, colored filly. Double registered APHA and AQHA. Her Dam Is Katie Lone Gun (Colonels Lone Gun (Gunner) x Holi Doli Stu (only had one foal). Her sire is Smart and Shiney. She’s bred to throw color when she goes to the Brood Mare band. Sound no vices. Had had about 5 months of quiet easy riding with a great start in reining. Would be great for the 3 year old futurities. WTC both directions, big stop, smooth and fluid turn arounds, soft soft soft throughout her whole body. Has had a lot of natural horsemanship training, so she’ll be solid from the ground up. Katie was in a Les Vogt clinic this summer and did amazing, Les loved this filly and had nothing but great things to say. Will continue training until sold. Located in Sherwood, Oregon.

Asking  $22,000




This beautiful mare is registered AQHA. Her registered name is “Sure Whiz Clever”, her sire being “Topgun Whiz” (attached is a picture of her papers). She’s 11 years old and 14.3hh. Natural low headset, carries herself very round and is VERY soft… she’s a comfortable ride! You can ride her in a bosal, a snaffle or straight up in the bridle. Was shown for a couple of years but has had some time off while having a couple of colts who are having success in the show ring. Great stop, nice turn arounds, easy flying lead changes. Very sensible mare, great temperament and awesome to be around. Easy keeper, ties, cross ties, good for farrier, trailers with ease, etc. Can’t say enough nice things about her and to top it off she’s very easy on the eyes. Currently getting a tune-up, should be more than ready to start showing her again in the spring. Originally came from Stroud Ranch in Washington state.

Asking $7500




.Congratulations to Wendy on your purchase!

“Zephyr” – 2004 IALHA Gelding


Congratulations to Susan on your purchase!

“Canelo” – 2007 AQHA Gelding 


Congratulations to Christina and family on your purchase!

“Peppy” – 2007 AQHA Gelding


Congratulations to Sergio on your purchase!

“Red” – 8 yo QH Cross Gelding 


Congratulations to Kevin and Brittney on your purchase!

“Chexy” – 2005 AQHA Mare 


Congratulations to Catherine on your purchase!

“Carter” – 2007 AQHA Gelding


Congratulations to Brock and family on your purchase!

“Bacardi” – 2001 AQHA Gelding


Congratulations to Mike and Allison on your purchase!

“Blue” – 2004 AQHA Mare


Congratulations to the Lindahl family!

“Breeze” – 2006 TWH/Appy Mare


Congratulations to Joane on your purchase!

“Simba” – 2008 AQHA Gelding


Congratulations to Mike and his wife on your purchase!

“Vienna” – 2000 Lipizzaner Mare


Congratulations to Tracy in Wisconsin on your purchase!

“Buddy” – 2003 Clydesdale Gelding

2014-09-28 17.08.43

Congratulations to Miguel and Sunni on your purchase!

“Shep” – 2008 AQHA Gelding


Congratulations to Kim and Lisa on your purchase!

“Jet” – 2009 AQHA Gelding


Congratulations to Tess on your purchase!

“Coco” – 2010 Quarter Horse Filly


Congratulations to Pat and family on your purchase! 

“Bacardi” –  2003 AQHA Gelding


Congratulations to Wes and family on your purchase!

“Broadway” – APHA Gelding


Congratulations to the Hillis Family on your purchase!

“Playboy” –  QH Cross Gelding

IMG_20130706_165730_488Congratulations to Ashley on your purchase!

“Beauty” – APHA Mare


Congratulations to Jordann on your purchase!

“Porsche” –  Friesian Cross Mare


Congratulations to Shannon on your purchase!

“Jay” – AMHA Gelding


Congratulations to the Phelps family on your purchase!

“Rubia” – AQHA Mare 27916_720348094596_11502789_40736641_8097244_nCongratulations to Simon on your purchase!

“Bella” – AQHA Mare

67284_772717860166_11502789_42544250_3282393_nCongratulations to Laiken on your purchase!

“Reyna” – Andalusian Mare

AndalusianCongratulations to the Stark Family on your purchase!

“Sterling” – Andalusian Cross Gelding

197681_997098873816_11502789_44954110_5267510_nCongratulations to Cheri on your purchase!

“Blue” – APHA Mare

308365_10100114234065926_11502789_45314286_5200468_nCongratulations to Kailee on your purchase!

“Lena” – AQHA Mare

IMG955103Congratulations to David on your purchase!

“Boston” – Arabian Cross Stud Colt

IMG_20130730_230453Congratulations to Jen on your purchase!

“Duke” – WB Gelding

ResizedImage951353540082578Congratulations to Noelle on your purchase!

“Chex” – AQHA Stud Colt

IMG950209Congratulations to Chilo on your purchase! (Our beloved Chex is currently in Mexico)

“JD” – APHA Gelding

320792_10100149912735586_11502789_45685969_1591819449_nCongratulations to Brigitta on your purchase!



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